Picking Up the PACE

A bill aimed at regulating loans created by the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program is making national industry headlines. The PACE Act of 2017 aims to amend the Truth in Lending Act, a chief regulation governing big banks and mortgage companies, to include PACE lenders. If the bill is passed, PACE lenders would be […]

Loan Originations at a High, More Homes For Sale Soon

Real estate predictions for the coming years are generally positive. With strong home sales, near-historic low interest rates, a refi boom, and steady home price appreciation, Freddie Mac’s economic team projects that mortgage loan originations will scale nearly $2 trillion for 2016. The projections from the current edition of the company’s Economic and Housing Research Outlook […]

Spring Buying Season & The Millennial Shift

Millennials are the first generation to come of age in the post-recession housing market in a relatively positive light. Yet the No. 1 barrier to entry for young, would-be homebuyers? Credit. “The mortgage industry is poised to experience a monumental shift as more millennial homebuyers begin to enter the market,” said Joe Tyrrell, executive vice […]

San Diego Home Lender Testimonials

  Stephanie Nisan – Realtor Maureen and I were actually introduced through a mutual friend over our love of dog rescue. I run a non-profit call The Animal Pad and an all breed animal dog rescue and Maureen became our volunteer director. Professionally, I am not a big fan of lenders and I decided, okay, […]

Lunch N Learn Radio Interview

  Eran Sinai: Happy Wednesday everyone! Eran Sinai here; Consumer Guardian Law, Lunch N Learn Radio. You can listen to us. You should be listening to us, especially today. ESPN 1700 a.m. or watch us live, and you do wanna watch us today. I’m telling you, lunchNlearnradio.com. I have here two great people, good old […]

Consumer Preference: Single-Family Suburban Homes

Recent survey findings call to attention the glaring need for more supply of single-family homes. Eighty-five percent of current homeowners and 75 percent of renters said they would purchase a single-family home, while only 15 percent of homeowners and 21 percent of renters said that would buy in an urban area. Location matters “The American […]

San Diego Interest Rates

On Thursday the National Association of Realtors said the share of first-time buyers is at the second lowest level in over 30 years. The 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reveals a home buying market driven by repeat buyers within two income households. Historically, first-time buyers constitute nearly 40 percent share of primary home […]

Increase in Construction May Mean More Inventory for Buyers in San Diego

The impact that public and private sector construction spending has on moving the lending needle is obvious, but the strength of what has been and what will be is even more relevant in times like now. With that being said, construction spending posted a modest increase in July rising 0.7% from the revised June estimate […]

California Housing Market: Going Forward

With California dominating the country’s 20 hottest real estate markets, an increase in home prices and a flash of buyer activity during May has lead to more than the usual seasonal momentum. San Diego county has seen its fair share of activity, with an ample supply of homes available for interested buyers. As summer unfolds, […]

Lower Average Down Payments for Homes in San Diego

With 30-year fixed interest rates averaging the lowest we’ve seen in months, many homeowners are wondering if now is the time to refinance. And while personal situations may dictate whether refinancing at these low rates is a good decision, there are some other factor to examine as well. This is the lowest the average down […]